Focus On Veterans Organization, Inc


33-35 East Main St. Cost $30,000. No mortgage.  Fully remodeled, 4 bdrms and 1 1/2 bath each side. The office is  in rear.

Focus On Veterans Organization Inc. owns a duplex  home for Sober Independent Living.


A 8  bdrm, 4 bath located at 33-35 East Main St.  The  home is completely remodeled and is completely furnished with every item a home needs.  Included  are include utilities, cable, internet.  Pets are welcomed.


Requirements are a DD214, Sober, no sex offenders., share the chores.

Rent is $300 month, 1st month is FREE. You will need income, either your own or we can employ you within our organization.  Our motto is - if I can work so can you!

Don't live in your car or behind a bldg. Call us  at 860 317 1025

We  work with Columbus House, Reliance House, Norwich Vet Center.